Elective Cosmetic procedures and surgeries are getting more popular and as a part within the whole range, lunch break procedures are also being taken up in larger numbers. The   lunch break procedures are attractive because their duration is short enough (30 min. to 1 hour) to fit within the lunch time and they have other benefits, and also, because their comparatively lower costs have special appeal to the people, particularly during the periods of economic downturn.

The lunch time procedures allow a person to get to the doctor, get treated and return to work quickly with no down time, with minimal invasive treatment and nearly instant results to show. These advantages are too alluring to be ignored.

The more popular lunch time procedures are Lunch Hour Face lifts (quick lifts & peels), Facial Rejuvenation (injections &fillers), Lip Augmentation or Enhancement, Small Area Laser Hair Removal and Permanent/Cosmetic Make Up.

Lunch Hour Face Lifts include several quick procedures providing Face Lift like effects and these are: Liquid Facelift, IPL Photo Facials, Swift Lifts & Life Style Lift, Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels.  IPL Photo Facials will be discussed here.

IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light)  Photo Facial is a prominent Lunch time procedure lasting about 30 minutes and making facial skin fresh, radiant, rejuvenated by removing hyper-pigmentation, and  skin imperfections.  This procedure also treats Acne or other scarring; Age/Brown spots or Rosacea ; Bags, Wrinkles & or Sun Damage ; unwanted hair growth in small areas. There are minor side effects viz: tender and pinkish skin which go away with SPF application and loose powder dusting. Multiple sessions may be required to have the best outcome.

Lunch Hour Facial Rejuvenation may include popular Botox injections to remove crow’s feet, frown lines & wrinkles  for 4 to 6 months ; Dermal Fillers like popular Juvederm and Radiesse which are Hyaluronic acid products, to remove  the same above defects and more for about 12 months ; Restylane to fill in wrinkles, folds, fine lines for about 18 months.

Lip Augmentation (plumper & fuller lips) may be achieved using Collagen (an animal protein product) injections, Fat injections, Restylane, a non animal protein product. While Fat injections provide long term, sometimes permanent, results, Collagen or Restylane can maintain improvements for about 6 months. In many cases there is age restriction and one needs to be over 21.

Permanent/Cosmetic Make up is through micropimentation process which involves depositing organic pigment below skin’s surface imparting  lasting color and look that can not  be washed or rubbed away. The process may be applied to making up an entire face, giving permanent eye liners, improving eye brows, adding color to lips and camouflage scars. Since the results can not be reversed, prior consultation with certified and experienced professionals of permanent make up, is of great importance.

Lunch Break procedures as above, are all short duration procedures, yet it would be wise to get informed beforehand about the procedure in detail including time required, recovery issues, reporting time, going back to work or other activities, precautions to be taken,  through initial consultation with  the Certified Plastic Surgeon, one has selected. Sometimes, treatment duration longer than the lunch period may yield better results in specific cases and initial consultation with the doctor will help in coming to a decision.