If you think that testosterone is a privilege only for men and has no role to play in a woman’s body, then I beg you to give a second thought to it. This is because it has now been proved that testosterone helps women to stay fit, lean and sexually active.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers gave supplemental testosterone to women who underwent a hysterectomy and ovary removal, which lowers circulating levels of testosterone. The women who had receiving testosterone after 12 weeks shown a significant improvement in their overall well being including their mood and sexual function. But do not take for granted that testosterone benefits only women who have lost their ovaries.

The Jean Hailes Foundation in Australia – a non-profit research institution dedicated to women’s health issues found out that age is not a factor. Testosterone helps a woman in maintaining her sex drive, energy level and her sense of well being at any age.
In addition to the benefits mentioned above, testosterone boosts up your energy level and takes your body to the fat burning mode. It helps you get rid of your unwanted fats especially those that you find hard to get away with in the thighs, arms and buttocks.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found out that when given low doses of testosterone, obese women dropped more body fat and subcutaneous abnormal fat than those who were been given a placebo.3.

Women often feel helpless and give up hope of having meaningful sex especially after menopause hits their life. But there is no need or you to feel depressed about this with the help of testosterone supplements. One of the best methods for getting testosteron into your body is hormone pellet therapy. With pellets, you will be able to get back your sexual vigor into your life and it will also improve your quality of life.

By now you have become aware of testosterone’s power and learnt how it influences your sensuous hormonal balance. But perhaps you did not know that testosterone also helps improve your blood flow keeping your age factor at bay.  Blood flow has a very crucial relation with a woman’s experience of joy both on a physical and emotional level. On the minutest hint of arousal, your body experiences a rush of blood flow. It is true that without this, anything similar sex just cannot be thought of and is almost impossible.

A healthy blood flow is possible to be maintained with nitric oxide. It allows large amounts of blood to reach the right places at the right time. It is released along the lining of your blood vessels and on entering the smooth muscle cells, it makes them relax and expand. On account of this expansion, there is a greater blood flow.

Your body needs the right tools to find the right balance and it is only then that you can renew that very excitement factor that have been lacking in your life whether for a long time or for some time now. After knowing what testosterone can do for you and the bunch of benefits that it offers, you are free to contact 817-399-8783 to make an appointment with Dr. Robert True.

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