Before you undergo any surgery, it is wise to get a clear idea about three things – preparing for it, undergoing it and caring post-op. The same applies for a cosmetic procedure, like a breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon is the best person to ask for specific instructions regarding the post-op phase.

Here are a few details that could be of help after you return home after the surgery.

Follow the instructions of your surgeon. He is the best guide at this stage. You need to abide by every rule he sets during the post-op period. Take the prescribed medications at the right time – this may include antibiotics, painkillers, etc. It is also necessary to follow his instructions regarding your dietary needs, lifestyle changes, et al.

Get help for at least a few days. Ask someone to drive you home after the surgery and stay with you for the first two days. You also need help for household chores like cooking, cleaning, and so on.

Abstain from strenuous activities. You can go back to your regular life after a week and in case of Awake Breast Augmentation within a few days. Bending, stretching, and such activities could lead to problems. It is also important to avoid lifting heavy loads. It is also necessary to abstain from sexual encounters for a few weeks.

Be with friends and family. Love and support from close ones helps you handle the psychological impact. You can also become a member on an online forum and chat with others who had this surgery.

Maintain a journal. Start from the day you visit the surgeon for the initial consultation. Write down how you feel after the surgery, the bodily changes you experience, and if you feel extreme pain, discomfort or swelling. This journal could help you understand whether your post-op period is working as planned or not.

Keep in touch with your surgeon throughout the first two weeks to make sure that there are no complications. Take care of yourself, better still, have somebody take care of you. If you are looking for more information on this surgery and pre-op and post-op phases, visit or call 817-399-8783.