There has been a big spurt in chin implant or “chinplant” surgeries in America in 2011.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), this surgery has seen an impressive growth of 71%”  in 2011 over the 2010 figure. This growth is more than the combined growth of the top three cosmetic procedures of breast augmentation, liposuction surgeries and botox treatment taken together.

In terms of numbers, however, chin implant still remains very small compared to the above three top procedures. But the present growth is seen as the possible beginning for this procedure to rise and be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America.

There is reason for the potential rise in chin implant and other facial procedures as lip augmentation and cheek implants.

People aspire for well proportioned facial features and seek a balance among them to look good. They do so to remain competitive in job markets or in social interactions. If a chin is, say, small compared to the nose, the chin would need augmentation to create a more matching jaw line and an improved balance with the nose and other features.

One has to get a cosmetic surgeon to do the augmentation as no other procedure including diet and exercise could help in any way. Moreover, studies have shown a link between attractiveness related to the proportions and symmetry of the facial features.

The digital technologies now help a candidate to arrive at a desired jaw line profile which can practically be achieved, in consultation with the plastic surgeon, before the chin implant.

A total of 20,680 people comprising 10,593 men and 10,087 women had the chin implant surgery in 2011, with 76% rise in men, 66% rise in women and a combined rise of 71%.

The growth has been impressive for the age group of 55 and older with 8500 surgeries and 70% increase and for the age group 40 to 54 with 5000 surgeries and 77% increase.

In the 30 to 39 age group, there have been about 2600 surgeries, an increase of 69% and in the 20 to 29 age group, 2750 augmentations with 68% increase.

Larger number of chin augmentation procedures in older age groups highlight the facts that aging process affects chin and jaw line and that older people want to appear younger and”  in good shape”  in order to remain competitive in the job markets.

This growth has been closely followed by growth in two other facial procedures in 2011 ““ 49% in lip augmentation and 47% in cheek implants. This is an interesting point in the sense that people might be putting more emphasis on facial features than before, to look good and this may have a lot to do with the present trend of video communications and chats i.e Skype, Face book and others when one”™s face ( frontal or in profile) is highlighted.

Other procedures also grew, though much less such as laser skin resurfacing 9%, soft tissue fillers 7%and face lift 5 percent.

The chin implant surgery is a relatively shorter and simpler procedure in which incision is made under the chin or below the lower lip inside the mouth and the implant which is carefully proportioned to have the desired jaw line, is placed in the soft tissue. The surgeon selects the material of the implant.

The surgery takes about one hour or so and may be done under general or local anaesthesia. The recovery period is short and may be of several days after which one may start daily routine, avoiding heavy physical work for about four weeks.

After the procedure, there will be some pain and discomfort which should go away after a few days. The cost would be from $2000 to $5000.

To conclude, being a comparatively shorter and simpler procedure and being less expensive than many other cosmetic surgeries, yet being able to bring in good results in facial appearance which is important in the present day of video communications and chats, chin implant surgery is expected to”  rise in popularity”  in the coming years.