It is always comforting to know that we are fulfilling our goals to provide personal health, medical, and cosmetic surgery care. We pride ourselves in the friendliness of our staff, in the pleasant warmness of our office, and the individualized treatment plans we offer our patients that are geared towards enhancing each patient’s natural beauty, both inside and outside her body. Here is a very gracious testimonial from one of our grateful patients exemplifying these traits:

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. True and his staff for helping one of my life long dreams come “true”. I have wanted to have breast augmentation for many years, and recently made the decision to have the procedure done after many hours of research, in an effort to find the right doctor. I am very apprehensive when it comes to anesthesia and don’t have a lot of flexibility in my schedule; therefore, these two factors alone were the front runners in me not having the procedure done sooner in life.

As you know, Dr. True is well known and highly respected in his field of study and has received countless commendations for his exceptional work. Furthermore, he is one of very few doctors that performs the AWAKE Breast Augmentation procedure of which the patient is awake throughout the entire process and can go home immediately afterwards. This is also great because the patient is able to make interactive sizing decisions. Additionally, this method minimizes the discomfort level and lends to a more speedy recovery since anesthesia is not involved.  This has proven to be true.

Two weeks post-op, I am very pleased with my overall experience and results, and I am grateful to Dr. True. From the day I made the initial phone call, I was treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and compassion. And, at every level of the process I was kept informed with step-by-step instructions and overall expectations followed up with answers to all of my questions. Furthermore, the initial discomfort really was easily managed with the prescribed medications just as I was told during my pre-op discussions. I was back at work full-time and chasing my four children within four days of surgery and am still going strong.

On a last note, I truly appreciate Dr. True’s passion for helping women to improve their overall well-being with all of the variety of services that he and his staff provide.  It is comforting knowing that when you make an import decision that impacts you from both a financial and health perspective that both are equally valued by not only the recipient but also the provider.  And, furthermore, the results are delivered without fail and in alignment with the hype generated through the media and by the doctor himself.”

Thank you B.D. for this wonderful heart felt testimonial about Awake Breast Aug, about me and about my staff. You are indeed a sweetheart!