As we age, we want to recapture the fresh and bouncy look of younger skin. The loss of radiance and healthy glow of healthy skin is one of the issues that we face when we get older. Since proper diet and exercise regimens can go so far, people who want to improve their skin look and feel, they must rely in beauty products, procedures, and regimes to obtain the healthy glow they want to achieve. Physical, psychological, and environmental stressors can make a person look older than they really are.

Dr. True products and methods are designed to reverse the damage that stressors have caused, as well as prevent more damage. Dr. True has been working in the anti-aging sector for many years. Facial rejuvenation is one of the areas in which he specializes. Dr. True offers a complete approach to rejuvenation, which includes weight loss and weight management, exercise and nutrition, heart health, physical evaluations and exams, as well as a stop-smoking approach.

For facial rejuvenation and the treatment of wrinkles and pigmentations the use of SmartXide Laser resurfacing, facial peeler, Botox, chemical peels, microdermabrassion, facial fillers, IPL photofacials can be used. Hormone therapy is another tool that Dr. True utilizes as an anti-aging therapy, as well as cancer prevention techniques.

His approach includes a combination of treatments and products to achieve the patient’s goal. Sun damage is treated with Obagi Nu Derm or with Skin Medica TNS Recovery Complex. Undesirable hair is treated with IPL hair reduction and removal system. Sagging neck can be improved with Obagi Elastiderm Décolletage system or TNS Regeneration System. Other important areas of rejuvenation and skin aesthetics include acne and Rosacea problems, eye care and eye lash improvement, post ablation repair, and antioxidant/anti-aging protection. Many of the products can be applied from the comfort and discretion of your home, as needed. This is very convenient for patients, but also very economical.

Dr. True approach to skin beauty and rejuvenation promotes an inner and outer approach to youthful skin beauty. For more information visit