Smart Breast Aug is a smart choice because it is one of the safest methods to augment the breasts. Its advantages are many. It is performed while the patient is awake with mild sedation and local anesthesia called tumescent anesthesia. She does not have to go to sleep using a general anesthetic and therefore does not have to recuperate from a general anesthetic. Thus there is less downtime. Very small incisions are made and hidden under the breasts, and the implants are placed underneath the muscle to give the breasts the best look possible.

Women want to have breast implant surgery for multiple reasons. They want to have larger, fuller breasts that are sexier in appearance. They want to look better within close, and/or without clothes. These reasons are quite evident. However, breast augmentation results in a transformation within the woman to help her to feel better about herself. He self esteem and self confidence is boosted to new highs. She no longer feels self conscious about herself. When a woman looks good, she feels good about herself.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t just about improving the looks of women. It is also about helping women improve their changes to succeed. It helps them be more proud of themselves and how they look when they see themselves in the mirror. I helps make them more sexy in appearance, not only to themselves but to their significant other, or prospective significant others.

Dr. True is one of a very few physicians who offers Smart Breast Aug, performed while the woman is awake. Although she is awake, we want to make sure she is very comfortable so we also give her mild sedation. We don’t want the woman to hurt and there are many methods to achieve this without using general anesthesia. One technique is by using a special fluid called tumescent fluid. It not only numbs the area completely, but it also decreases the risk of bleeding and infection after the implants are in.

Post operatively, downtime is reduced too. She does not have to recuperate from a general anesthetic. The hydrodissection under the muscle treats the area more gently too, thus there is less pain after the procedure. There is some tenderness, but we help this with medications which relax her, relax her muscles, and give her pain relief. Remember, beauty has no pain!

If you are interested in enlarging your breasts and boosting your self esteem, call use to arrange for a consultation. You will be glad you did.

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