One of the most common problems faced by many of us is hair loss. Though this problem is mainly associated with old age, young people may also experience hair loss. While for aged people this is a regular issue, for the young generation this may be a temporary problem caused by hectic lifestyle, some medicine, lack of nutrition etc. genetics is also responsible for baldness.

Reasons behind Hair Fall:

Before we discuss about the hair restoration options let us have a look at the reasons of hair loss. Once you detect the reason it will be easier for you to treat the problem. Genetics is undoubtedly the most common reason for hair fall but there can be various other causes. Stress and worry also cause hair loss and these have become a part of our daily life due to the hectic schedule.

If you don’t have adequate sleep it may result in hair fall. Deficiency in nutrition is another major reason for hair loss. Lack of exercise may also cause hair fall because when the hair follicles are unable to reach the blood supply hair fall is the obvious outcome. People suffering from thyroid or any hormonal imbalance can be a victim of hair fall as well.

Hair Restoration:

Gone are the days when people could have done nothing about hair fall. Today there are many hair restoration techniques that can help you to say good bye to baldness. One of the most popular ways of getting back your hair is oil massage with products like Saw Palmetto, olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc. Oil massage improves blood flow and reinforces new hair.

Medicines like minoxodil and Finasteride also helps in the growth of new hair. Minoxodil is applied to the scalp directly whereas Finasteride needs to be taken orally. The most advanced technique for hair restoration is hair implant. But it is a surgical procedure and the result of this procedure depends on the skill of the surgeon. If you opt for hair implant, make sure to choose an experienced surgeon for desired result.

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