With age, your skin looses its elasticity and firmness. Wrinkles and spots appear and dullness mars its appearance. The signs of aging are most prominent on your facial skin. To reduce these signs, modern women are choosing to use multiple therapies, including Botox and Facial Fillers. Apart from smoothing wrinkles, you also avoid undergoing any surgery with this treatment.

Botox is injected in small amounts to a certain facial muscles, which relaxes or weakens the muscle movement. Hence, wrinkles flatten and are not apparant. Botox is FDA approval for many types of wrinkles, which makes this a popular means of getting rid of many unwanted wrinkles that are a problem for you.

Let’s discuss the different phases of the Botox treatment.

Before the treatment you need to consult a doctor who has ample experience in administering these treatments. Discuss your medical history and health condition. Talk about the injection dosage and frequency, the benefits and risks, and any other issues pertaining to the treatment that bother you.

During the treatment you visit with your doctor and undergo an assessment. Your doctor may ask you to frown, squint, or do something like these to find the right areas for injection. The doctor finds the right muscle to work on and injects it with the dose. The only pain you feel is that of a pinprick.

After the treatment you can go home or work immediately. It is recommended to stay in an upright position for a few hours after the treatment and to use an ice pack with pressure for a few minutes. It is also a good idea to avoid any sort of rubbing of the particular area. You must not expose your skin to excess heat or light immediately after the treatment.

You can go back to your regular activities the same day. However, doctors usually advice to keep away from very strenuous jobs for that day. The results of Botox are perceptible within a few days, with maximal results within a week or two, which varies from one person to another. These results are, however, not permanent, and the effect stays for about 4-5 months.

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