Smart liposuction for direct weight loss

Smart liposuction for direct weight loss

SmartLipo offers a body contouring procedure which happens to be less intrusive than traditional liposuction. It allows the removal of a lot of fat with tightening of the skin at the same time. It might not be a direct method towards losing weight but for sure it helps in reducing excess fatty deposits stacked at thigh, buttock, arm, flanks and belly areas.

Effectively flushes away fats

SmartLipo laser lipolysis uses a laser body sculpting platform for gaining the best results from the liposuction procedure. The idea is to liquefy fats so that they can be suctioned away using very thin tubes, called cannulas, which remove the fat in a gentle and smooth fashion.

Simple method of therapy

The technique is minimally invasive and can be performed with only local anesthesia, called tumescent anesthesia. A cannula with laser fiber is inserted inside the skin through a small hole. The cannula is moved back and forth the skin which causes the underside of the skin to heat up slightly. This heat contracts collagen fibers resulting in mild skin tightening and liberation of the fat within the cells. The collagens shrivel and move away. The fat cells are themselves suctioned away by liposculpture technology.

If desired, the fat removed can be reinserted into other body areas for further enhancements. This fat transfer is also performed with very thin cannulas. It takes place in such an effective way that the results are seen quickly. No sutures are required given the miniscule nature of the incision.

Scientific and hazardless

The results from SmartLipo have been scientifically proven and the procedure carries so few risks that it almost can be considered hazardless. It has definitely something that has caught the imagination of females all across the globe. If you are one of these, then you can go for Smart Lipo. This non-conventional liposuction measure reduces the fatty bulges with minimal to no bleeding, bruising or inflammation. It withers away the adipocytes while tightening the skin. Adipocytes are the fat tissue cells that, when accumulated due to genetic bunching, form those unwanted bulges that can ruin your figure. SmartLipo can change these to help give you a better figure.

Skin tightening is an essential aspect

SmartLipo uses the concept of thermal heating and coagulation of tissues. This contracts the collagen within the skin which has an effect to tight and the firm the skin epidermis to decrease saggy skin and that “crepe” look. The method of Smart Lipo is considered a proven option for body contouring with mild skin tightening. If further tightening is needed after the procedure, several SkinTyte procedures can be performed.

The treatment takes one to three hours, depending on the number of areas that need to be treated. It is performed while you’re awake with local anesthesia, and within a short time frame of days, you can look forward to resuming your normal routine. It is the first laser enabled liposuction machine and provides premium results in a very fast time.

If you have excessive looseness of the skin, SmartLipo may not be enough to fulfill your desires. Another option available to reduce abdominal fat with excellent skin tightening when excessive skin is present is the Tummy Tuck procedure. If you are looking for that very flat tummy with a beautiful curved waist, consider one of our tummy tucks procedures. We do the liposculting to remove the fat with shaping of the front and waist, and then remove the excess skin that remains through an incision placed within the bikini area so it is not noticeable even when wearing a two piece bathing suit.

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