Have your love handles been bothering you for quite some time now? Do you feel conscious while wearing a short skirt thinking that it may reveal the bulging deposits in your thighs? Do you still have on old jeans of yours stored in a corner of your closet hoping to fit in it one day?

Liposuction- The safe body contouring procedure

Liposuction- The safe body contouring procedure

If the answer is yes for any of the above questions, you can kiss good bye to many of your fat problems by opting to go for liposuction. This extremely popular and safe body contouring procedure will not only help you reduce those stubborn fat deposits but also sculpture your body to give you a leaner and more toned look that you crave for.

However, do not consider this to be a weight loss procedure. Obviously you will lose some weight due to fat removal, but that should never be the primary aim to opt for liposuction. The important thing while going for liposuction is keeping your expectations real. If you are the size of Queen Latifah, do not think that you will come out of a liposuction clinic with the body measurements of Cameron Diaz.

You can opt for any of the many common liposuction techniques used by Dr. True to remove fat cells from various parts of your body.

  • The first is Suction Assisted Lipectomy (SAL). This is a time tested technique that is employed by many cosmetic surgeons all over the country. But Dr. True uses safer techniques to do this such as tumescent liposuction, SmartLipo and Body Jet lipo. These give you better results yet are performed with only a local anesthetic while you are awake and with mild sedation.

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