Are you recently noticing brown spots or age spots or broken blood vessels on your face or neck? It could be the signs of sun damages or facial aging. Are you aware of the factors causing such skin damages? If so, you must be finding the skin care treatment as well.

What causes this age spots?

Brown spots or age spots are naturally-formed pigments. These are produced while protecting skin from harmful Ultra-violet rays. It further leads to inflammation as new blood vessels start growing in reaction to skin injury. Though it is a natural healing process to wash out damaged skin cell debris, as skin start ageing, it leaves the brown spots and broken blood vessels behind the skin. Ultimately these turn into pigmented and red vascular spots.

Photofacial proves better than others:

There have been a number of laser treatments tried on such pigment and vascular lesions. But, over the time Photo facial has become preferred method for such facial skin pigmentation.

In comparison to laser skin surfacing or other surgical anti-aging skincare methods, photofacial has several benefits. For example, you don’t require down time or recovery time as it is with aggressive laser skin resurfacing. Moreover, the discomfort and pain is minimal over here.

The treatment process:

This treatment is named as Photofacial anti-aging skin care. It is also called as Intense Pulsed Light Non-surgical anti-aging Skin Care or in short IPL.

Your cosmetic surgeon would use branded IPL machine and the best photofacial technology to provide you comfortable treatment facility.

The treatment uses a bright flash of visible light to remove pigment and blood vessels. The light is very similar to camera flash but different from laser. It is less powerful and less dangerous than laser beam.

During the treatment process, the bright flash of light with a certain wavelength is passed through a filter before it hits the skin. Once the brown pigment in age spot and reddish brown color in the blood vessels absorbs the light, it produces heat. This heat of IPL light destroys the pigments and blood vessels.

Since in photofacial a color is heated with light beam to get destroyed, it is also called as photothermolysis. By using color filters in front of Photofacial light beam, one can allow variant colors like red, violet etc. This helps in treating different skin conditions.

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