As human beings grow older, fine lines and wrinkles also start appearing on the face. Hectic lifestyle, genetics and increasing stress also causes people to get wrinkles at an early age. However, there is no need for excess concern for people who want to remove wrinkles and age gracefully. With so many medical and technological advancements taking place rapidly, one can remove the signs of aging and can gain a more youthful looking skin. One of the most effective solutions is Botox for wrinkles.

Botox injection to avoid wrinkles

Botox injection to avoid wrinkles

Quick way of beating pesky reminders

Botox treatment is a quick and effective method of keeping the fine lines and pesky wrinkles at bay. It is a part of a facial rejuvenation therapy that helps a person in getting a wrinkle-free and youthful looking skin. It is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments performed today because it works so well.

Botox works by relaxing the muscle contractions of the muscles of the face. With this relaxation, the wrinkles tend to smooth out and the skin appears smoother and younger. It is performed in the office quickly without causing much discomfort. Botox is primarily used to effectively treat wrinkles of the forehead including frown lines, around the eyes, and around the lips.

What does Botox treatment involve?

Treatments of Botox for wrinkles are quick and relatively painless. A very small needle is used that normally is minimally felt during the injections. Pressure and ice help minimize bleeding and bruising. Most people say the procedure is painless except for a few “pokes” from the time needles.

The effects of Botox are not immediate. Most see some effects within two to three days of your treatment, but maximal effect occurs at one to two weeks after treatments. The muscles that produce fine lines and cause wrinkles lose their ability to contract resulting in the smoothing out of the skin when the wrinkles vanish. The overall result of the Botox injected directly into the face muscles is to help give you that youthful appearance for your facial rejuvenation.

For how long does the Botox effect lasts?

The effect for Botox for wrinkles treatment is not permanent. Although wrinkle-causing muscles will lose their ability to contract and relax after a few days of the treatment, the muscles will again begin to contract about three months post the cosmetic procedure. You thus have to go in for Botox treatment after every three months for persistent results. Over time, research has shown that wrinkles can be greatly reduced with less frequent doses after two to three years of starting the treatment.

Make sure you have the Botox administered by a knowledgeable and experienced processional. Other therapies can also be advisable and recommended that will further provide facial rejuvenation without having to undergo the knife. Discuss these with your cosmetic health professional.

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