Breast Augmentation is a common figure correction concept

Breast Augmentation- Figure correction concept

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lifts have become a common phenomenon in figure correction concepts. Gone are the days when searching out and worrying to get the perfect look of your breast used to be a nightmare. Well developed, optimum rounded and beautifully positioned breasts can give you a sensuous contour and bring sharpness to your over all physique. Such a shape and stature is the asset and secret of beauty. This reformed shape and stature gives a more balanced shape and size to selected areas such as your like shoulders, breasts, hips, thighs, and back.

Figure correction is the trend today. Women are becoming more conscious about their looks and they want improvements when they desire. Fortunately technology has enabled them to grasp the many options and opportunities that can correct what they don’t like. Smaller breasts can be enhanced. Sagging and disproportionate breasts can be lifted. You may not be to blame for how your breasts look now, but you can change your destiny and do corrective surgeries to make them look more like you want.

Breast Lift procedures are considered minor surgical treatments through which you can regain the anticipated elevation and perkiness of your breasts. The procedure can complement your body posture and keep it proportionate to other parts of your body’s silhouette. It can be performed with or without augmentation done at the same time, which can help enhance the size of your breasts, give the upper part of your breasts a fuller look, and lift sagging breasts all at the same time.

Why the Breast shape gets distorted?

In most of the cases sagging of breasts are influenced by ageing, gravity, pregnancy, and skin suppleness. During a pregnancy a woman’s breasts get enlarged and stretched with breast feeding. After the pregnancy, it is not uncommon for this stretching to result in saggy skin as the tissues shrink and distort the shape of the breasts. Age also plays a factor and gravity can pull the breasts down over time. These are conditions that are out of your control that can point your breasts downward.

Many women complain of these problems, plus a lack of firmness and fullness in their breasts too. Breast lift procedure can alleviate your concerns by providing you with a lifted, perky, natural pointing forward look to your breasts. The surgery procedure removes excess skin and fat and then raises or lifts the breast to natural shape. The nipples and areolas are moved to higher level. The procedure does produce some scars on the breasts, but these are expected to fade and be minimally noticeable over time.

The results of the surgery

The reshaped breast can continue showing its youthful appearance for many years as long as they are supported adequately. Unfortunately, the natural ageing processes do continue to occur and gravity persists in pulling the breast back down. However, if adequate support, body weight and skin health are maintained, the procedure should last for a long time. If you may become pregnant, it is suggested not to undergo this surgery procedure until you have had all your children.

Because we perform the breast lift surgery while you’re awake using only mild sedation and special local anesthesia, potential complications are minimized making the procedure extremely safe yet effective. There is minimal bleeding and the infection rate is reduced using this special anesthetic fluid called tumescent anesthesia.

The areas for correction are accurately marked according to your desires. After the breasts are numbed, the areolas are repositioned to place them in the center of the breasts and pointing the most forward. After the procedure is done, the postoperative pain is lessened by the local anesthetic but most people do have some pain for few days, which may be relieved through oral pain medicines. Within a few weeks rapid recovery is the norm but this depends on your body’s response and activity level.

Before you make up your mind to do so, always ensure you have contacted the right surgeon for the breast lift procedure. You should choose a capable and experienced Cosmetic surgeon who you trust and with whom you feel comfortable. If you would like to discuss this with us, please arrange for a consultation to see how you can be helped. We provide multiple options for the enhancement of the beauty of your breasts. To make an appointment, call us at 817-399-8783 today.