Beautiful breast is a dream of all women. No matter whether she is a teenager or an adult, this desire is common among all women. Those who posses shapely and larger breasts are more confident than other girls. They feel lucky and all other women envy them for their attractive look.

Having beautiful breast doesn’t depend on luck completely. It is not even a pure coincidence. Sometimes it can be a result of genetics. But it also depends on how good care you take of your breasts. Even if you don’t have shapely breasts there is nothing to get upset because there are various ways of getting desired result.

First let’s take a look at the reasons behind flat chest.

Genetics: Yes, gene pool can determine everything right from skin color, height, hair growth as well as breast size. If small breast is a trend in your family, you may not be an exception. Genetics can be the reason behind your flat chest.

Child Bearing & Lactation: It is another common cause behind small breast. During the pregnant state the breasts swell and they become fuller in order to nourish the infant who is going to be born soon. The act of nourishing a baby is called lactation which makes the tissue and gland swell and supply milk in order to feed the baby. But the problem is that as soon as this process ends and milk supply shuts down, it leaves the skin stretched out.

Aging: Skin loses elasticity as soon as we grow old. One of the signs of aging is that the breast loses its shape and firmness. The loss of fullness in the bosom is one of the major disadvantages of aging.

There can be several solutions to this problem. While some of the solutions are surgical like breast augmentation, some of them are non-surgical. Let’s take a look at the options you have.

Using Padded Bra: Wearing padded bra can help you to increase the bust line. It is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways of looking attractive. It can give you a natural look that is complete with cleavage.

Awake Breast Augmentation: Awake breast augmentation is a very effective surgical method that can give you the desired result. This technique is performed while you are awake. It is safer than general anesthesia because you are only given a mild sedative. Since you are awake you can see if you are getting the desired result.

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