Looking at your face can tell your age, no doubt. However, many people see a young looking woman with admiration, but then they look at the woman’s hands and realize she’s not as young as she appears. Your hands can tell your age and many people are embarrassed about the “aged” look of their hands.

If you are one of these people, rejuvenate your hands with our new hand rejuvenation package. Look at the difference in just one treatment.

Hand rejuvenationOur new hand rejuvenation package can make your hands look younger during an office visit with minimal downtime or discomfort. You won’t be embarrassed by thin, wrinkled, age spotted hands again. We can plump up your hands with volume restoring fillers to give them a full, more youthful look. Then we can reduce the age spots with our SmartXide DOT laser or IPL treatments and give your hands that refreshed younger looking skin.

Hand rejuvenation entails several processes. First, we numb the back of the hands with a local anesthetic of lidocaine. This consists of putting an anesthetic into one place under the skin and then manually massaging and spreading the anesthetic to the entire back side of the hand. The process is essentially painless. It is truly amazing how we can anesthetize your skin easily with just one tiny stick. Most patients marvel how easily and painlessly the numbing process is.

Next, we inject filler into the skin that gives your skin volume. The most common filler used for this purpose is Radiese. This filler enhances the volume in the underside of your skin so your hand looks younger and more youthful. Radiese is injected beneath the skin and then is spread over the entire back side of the hand through a special massage technique. The process is essentially painless.

Finally, while the hand is already anesthetized, the SmartXide Dot laser is used to resurface the skin, smooth out some of the wrinkles and reduce the age spots there. The sun damage is reduced with this technology, leaving smoother skin with a more uniform texture and color.

All these processes can be performed during the same visit. The entire time needed to do this is around an hour. Although the back side of the hand is tender for a few days, most people can resume normal activities rapidly.

If you have been embarrassed by the aged look of your hands and want to turn back the “hands” of time, call our office today for a consultation on this rejuvenation technique. Hands down, it is one of the best techniques to make your hands look younger.