I, Dr. Robert L. True, pride myself is stating that my staff and I are leaders in women’s healthcare and we strive to provide what women want. Women want services that will help them become healthy and enhance their beauty. They want the most minimally invasive types of procedures performed, and have the least downtime possible. They want the best results possible and they want the least complications.

My friendly staff and I stand out in the Metroplex for providing our patients and our medical community with the latest advances and technology in Women’s health. We add a large dose of compassion and cheerfulness to medical care. Over the years our innovative spirit has nurtured and helped to develop ethical and modern medical standards in this fast growing medical area. We continue to excel in the specialty of women’s health with a commitment to improve our patients’ well being and to offer to women what they want.

The practice of medicine has changed over the years as new technologies and concepts have developed. As these new advances have become the standard, we have incorporated them into our practice to improve the health care of our patients. Coincidentally, these new advances happen to be the one that women want. I always strive to support the safest and best concepts that improve the healthcare of women and to them get what they want. Here are the philosophies to which I gear my practice.

  • Advocate for safety while improving women’s physical image.

  • Advocate for new, improved and safer surgical techniques

  • Advocate for improving women’s health and anti-aging.

  • Advocate for better quality of life through hormonal therapy.

  • Advocate for excellence through experience.

Through my blog, I would like to discuss each of these topics further in a series to help organize this better. Today, I would like to discuss the concepts I utilize as an advocate for providing the safest procedures while improving a woman’s physical image.


During my residency in 1986, I learned how to perform liposuction in a safe manner using a special technique called the “wet technique”. I was the first OB-GYN physician in the mid-cities area to offer liposuction to my patients for body contouring starting in 1986. Although this was considered safer than prior types of liposuction, a newer and safer technique of performing the procedure was developed. Called tumescent liposuction, this new technology allowed us to perform the liposuction procedure while the patient is awake in our office. It resulted in less downtime, had much less complications, avoided a general anesthetic, and had great results.

I was one of the first physicians in the area to offer this safer form of tumescent liposuction for my patients. I allowed me to perform liposuction procedures while the patient is awake and in my office. Thus, the patient did not have to pay extra for an anesthesiologist nor extra for a hospital or outpatient room. Next, Laser lipolysis was developed to complement this type of liposuction. I again led the community in offering SmartLipo Laser Liposculpture to patients to make this procedure even safer and to yield even better results with added tightening.

As new technologies such as these have developed, they have resulted in less downtime for the patients, less potential complications, and no possible problems or recovery from a general anesthetic since only local anesthesia is used. In addition, these new techniques resulted in improved outcomes and success, making women feel better about doing these procedures. Helping women to feel good about themselves and the way they look is important. Women generally want to look good, and my staff and I enjoy having the opportunity to help them achieve this goal. When women have a better shape, they usually feel better about themselves.

Because I am an advocate for safety, I not only follow all the appropriate guidelines to achieve the safest procedures for my patients, but I also teaches other physicians to do the same. Because of my extensive experience, training and philosophies for improved safety, I was honored when I was asked to teach my innovative techniques of tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo to other physicians. Physicians from around the United States and from around the world now come to attend my course, sponsored and accredited through the American Academy of Cosmetic Gynecologists. You can look these up on their website at www.aaocg.org.

I addition to offering a safe liposuction procedure for patient, I have also incorporated other safe and effective cosmetic procedures within my practice to enhance a woman’s physical appearance in response to requests from his patients. These include Awake Breast Aug, Bikini Tummy Tuck. and Vaginal Cosmetic Procedures. These improve the woman’s contour and help remove the excess skin in strategic areas of her body that are troublesome to her.

Regarding enhanced facial and skin options, I offer other very safe, no downtime cosmetic procedures that are performed in my office with minimal discomfort and with minimal downtime. These include BotoxR, facial fillers such as RadiesseR and Juvaderm, Chemical Peels, Photofacials for Age Rejuvenation and Acne, Laser Hair Reduction, and Anti-Aging Skin Treatments. All these procedures are part of the Facial Rejuvenation therapies that help women improve the effects of aging on their face and body.

My goal is to help women feel good about the way they look and to boost their self esteem. I can accomplish this with procedures that are the safest, have the least downtime, and provide the best results. My staff and my facility provides one of the most friendly and comfortable environments for performing these procedures. Enhancing your natural beauty is our passion.

I have the best staff. My office is comfortable and filled with the latest equipment