Mommy Make Over’s help women look better and feel better about themselves by reversing some of the unsightly changes that occur to their bodies due to pregnancy. They do so by utilizing multiple cosmetic and rejuvenating modalities. Our programs are tailored to meet an individual’s specific needs and problems. After all, pregnancy produces a variety of different changes to a woman’s body, and these vary from one woman to the next.

Although it is very rewarding and satisfying becoming a Mommy, pregnancy can change the shape of a woman’s body in many ways. Exercising and eating properly may not be adequate to restore the feminine figure or give a woman the body she had before baby. Getting back in shape is always recommended and it’s good for improving one’s appearance and health. When this is just not enough, women turn to cosmetic surgeons to help them rejuvenate themselves.

Some women notice some pregnancy-induced changes in the skin of their face, such as pigmentations, wrinkles, and even acne formation. Many develop unsightly bulges of fat in various body areas that they just can’t seem to reduce with diet and exercise. Their once thin waist has widened and they may have a large bulge of fat in the abdomen too. Some women see pregnancy has deposited extra bulges of fat between their upper thighs or on their outer thighs to create saddlebags.

Stretch marks haunt many women after pregnancy, plus they loosen the lower abdominal area allowing the pooch to flap down in an unsightly fashion. Speaking of dropping down, what about those beautiful breasts they once had (or wished they had). If the breasts haven’t fallen, they may have been sucked skinny by breast feeding and many times are just not a pretty site.

What about SEX! Many women say, Sex is just not the same after having a baby! There is no question that there are multiple reasons why a woman’s sex life can be less than she would desire, including the newborn baby in the crib. But there are physical changes of the pelvic structures caused from pregnancy that can be corrected to help her enhance her sexual pleasure and her self confidence.

All these troublesome problems can be helped with Mommy Makeover programs. Plus, who would know better about these problems and a mommy’s concerns than a physician who has treated thousands of pregnant women over the years, like Dr. True. The fatty bulges that pregnancy put on her body can be reduced; the stretch marks and tummy folds can be removed or reduced; and the belly can be tightened by utilizing a multitude of new, effective and safe techniques. Liposuction, Laser Lipolysis, Tummy Tucks, and body lifting procedures can help restore a woman’s body and help her feel young and feel good about her body again.

Enhancing a woman’s breasts is always a self esteem booster for most women. In fact, boosting a woman’s self esteem is one of the top three reasons why women have breast augmentation. Breast augmentation can now be performed very safely while a woman is awake with new modern techniques. Dr. True performs the procedure using only local anesthetics and mild sedation. Scars are also minimized with his Smart technique. A woman can regain her beautiful breasts that the pregnancy ruined, or she can simply enhance the natural beauty of her breasts through Mommy Makeover programs that include this procedure.

Sexual enhancement can also be achieved through newer techniques of vaginal rejuvenation to help restore sexual health. The tears and looseness of the vagina that childbirth created can be repaired and tightened through procedures designed to enhance the sexual gratification of the woman. In addition, the appearance of a woman’s genital area can be cosmetically enhanced with a labiaplasty procedure. A woman wants to feel good about herself, and this includes feeling good about the way she looks in her genital area.

Facial pigmentations and changes that occur on the face from pregnancy can many times be lessened and lightened; facial skin can be rejuvenated; wrinkles can be smoothed; and acne can be treated with Mommy Makeover programs. A multiple of modalities can be recruited to assist in this makeover, including Lasers, IPLs (intense pulsed light), photo facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Botox, topical creams, and many more.

The excess hair that developed on the woman’s body during pregnancy can be reduced with powerful IPL Hair reduction treatments. By employing multiple procedures, we can do Mommy Makeover program at a value far less than one would spend if done individually. Only a consultation with Dr. True will help you decide which options are best for you.

Once you come in and see us, you will see why women all over the metroplex trust us and enjoy our friendly and happy atmosphere. We want you to feel comfortable with your decisions too. These are requirements for you to help receive the results you have been searching for. We are here to help you choose the options that fit your needs.

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Dr. Robert True, MD, FACOG, AACS Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery and Gynecology