Improving one’s health is a passion that all of us should embrace. We all want to live long and active lives, but we are continually bombarded with a multitude of stresses that wear us down. Fortunately, there are actions that all of us can take to help us to become healthier. Sometimes called €œAnti-aging€ or €œWellness€, they are simply preventive health care actions that all of us can do easily.

Ninety percent of all health care dollars are spent on medical care when we get sick. Half of the US health care budget is spent on the degenerative diseases of aging [Health Care & Finance Administration, 1996.] One hundred million Americans are currently being treated for one or another degenerative disease at a health care cost of more than $700 billion per year. If we really want to make an impact on health care in this country and in the world, we must focus on the degenerative diseases of aging. If we can slow aging, we can eliminate more than 50% of all disease overnight.

At The True Wellness, we take a different approach. We advocate spending just a few dollars and a few minutes a day towards preventing these illnesses instead of spending the big bucks when they happen. We believe you can alter the dreadful curse of aging by preventing, delaying, or reversing the diseases associated with aging. Anti-aging medicine can be a leading frontier of health care in the twenty-first century because of its potential to reduce the burden of the degenerative diseases of aging if we embrace its concepts.

Above all else, proper diet and exercise is an essential component of any anti-aging program. Eating a well balanced diet with the appropriate amounts of health giving fruits, vegetables and the other food groups is important. Staying thin and/or losing weight has been shown to help improve one’s health in hundreds of studies. Getting lots of exercise, both with cardio and muscle building exercises, has been shown to help decrease many degenerative changes that can occur in our bodies. These are the basis of THE TRUE DIET program. You can visit this program and be a member for FREE by going to

There are also nutritional supplements available from research in the fields of biochemistry, biology, and physiology that improve your health. Anti-aging and wellness medicine is evidence-based and clinically sound to improve your health. Let’s take a look at some of these products that have been shown to help reduce the risk of developing some of these degenerative problems that steal our health.


Antioxidants are nutrients that help prevent the formation compounds in your body that have been associated with the aging process. These compounds are called €œfree radicals€ and are destructive to normal tissues. If you ingest enough antioxidants you can arm your body with a powerful method to reduce the formation of the aging compounds.

There are many products that contain anti-oxidants, but one stands out as a very potent natural product used for centuries to improve health, and that is Green Tea. A product with high doses of Green tee is Miracle Green. This highly concentrated extract of green tea provides the equivalent of up to 18 cups of green tea daily. Its power is enhanced because it is fortified with other powerful antioxidants of Gogi and A.

In addition to its powerful antioxidant effects, Green Tea has been utilized to improve prostate health, to help prevent heart disease, and to promote proper weight control. Just a dropperful a day is all you need to give your body these nutrients to improve your health.


Most Americans’ diets are deficient in adequate nutrients. They don’t eat their daily 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables needed for achieving their best health. Most Americans’ diets are deficient in adequate nutrients for multiple reasons. They don’t eat their daily five or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, they eat foods that have lost much of their value from storing, and cooking destroys many vitamins and nutrients. Moreover, there are millions of people who are on restrictive diets because they want to lose weight.

Supplements that are derived from whole foods are the key to replenishing these destroyed and lost nutrients. You need the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to ensure the best absorption and utilization of these nutrients by your body. A supplement such as our concentrated Whole Food Essentials provide an answer to supplementing your total nutrition. They not only contain all the recommended daily vitamins and minerals needed for optimal health, but they also contain many antioxidants and anti-aging nutrients that can improve your health and boost your immunity.

Moreover, we have designed our formulas to meet differing needs of men and women. Our Men’s Whole Food Essentials improves heart health and has anti-oxidants to help rid the body of free radicals that are thought to cause the aging process. They boost prostate health, the immune system, and the health of one’s vital organs. Digestion is improved as is visual clarity and mental function. They also improve cardiovascular health.

Our Women’s Whole Food Essentials have similar health improving effects on the heart, improved visual acuity, and enhancement of other vital organs. They also contain nutrients specifically to improve a woman’s health. For instance, they have 100 mg of DIM, a remarkable product that has many benefits. These include promotion of cardiovascular health, boost in immunity, and assistance in weight control. They improve proper estrogen balance, which may also improve moodiness and decrease breast pain. Moreover, research also suggests that DIM could help prevent many types of cancers.

The also contain proanthocyanidins from Grape Seeds and Bilberry Fruit, as well as Lutein and Lycopene. These natural nutrients are potent antioxidants to help improve the health of your eyes, your heart, and your nervous system through their antioxidant effects.


Every 33 seconds an American dies of a heart related problem, which is one of the top killers of women. True Cardio offers you a proactive approach to your own heart health. Its powerful combination of targeted nutrients all work together to support healthy blood circulation, normal heart function and existing normal cholesterol levels.

Health professionals have endorsed the use of Policosanol, Niacin, CoQ10, Omaga 3 free fatty acids, CLA and many other nutrients to decrease heart disease and the debilitating states that this degenerative disease can cause. The True Wellness has several unique products that are based on these nutrients for your heart health.

True Cardio is a proprietary blend of ingredients to help decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in your blood. The formula features policosanol, a breakthrough heart-healthy antioxidant that helps the body maintain normal cholesterol levels. It has high amounts of Niacin that has been used for years to reduce blood lipid levels. You know it works and is potent because many people feel flushed occasionally after taking it; a sensation that is harmless and goes away within an hour.

True Cardio also has phytosterols that help to inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol in the small intestine, to eliminate excess LDL cholesterol, and to improve and maintain total-to-HDL cholesterol ratio. It also contains garlic that offers antioxidant properties, positively impacting the circulatory system.

Our other heart health products include Omega 3 and OmegaCLA capsules. These supplements help you ingest the recommended amount of Omega 3 fatty acids that have been shown to improve the health of your heart. In addition, Omegas have been shown to improve brain function, eye function, joint health, and to boost immunity.


Although almost all our products boost immunity, one stands out as a product that has been used for centuries in China as a potent compound to improve your health. Gano is the common name of a mushroom that grows in Asia with potent powers. Our product, GanoMax, stimulates the immune system to help improve your resistance to viruses and bacteria.

Moreover, many people feel it is a vitality tonic for the mind and body, especially in aging men. It may increase fertility and relieve fatigue. Ancient Chinese herbalist utilized it natural powers to help prevent illnesses and thus improve one’s health. Our GanoMax is a concentrated blend of mushrooms that can help you achieve the same.


Many of our products have been shown to improve brain health, mental acuity and brain function. Omegas have been shown to potentially decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Whole Food Essentials contain multiple natural nutrients to improve your brain’s health.

Another aspect of wellness if emotional health. One of our premier products for emotional health is True Tranquility. Made from a plant found in Africa, this natural preparation helps calm when stresses overtake you, while stimulating your mind to help you focus better.

Many people have found that True Tranquility can uplift their mood, enhances their mental outlook and creates a pleasant sensation of euphoria. Some have also noted an increase in sexual desire, and heightened energy level. It is a natural remedy to relieve stress and tension.


There are as many paths to achieving good health as there are names for the concepts involve. The concept of Anti-aging is simply Wellness. We all want to live longer, but we strive to decrease the degenerative processes that can make us “age”. You can achieve this if you take action for a healthier you.