There’s a new breast augmentation procedure available for cosmetic surgeons, and it can be safer and less expensive than the traditional option. Using tumescent fluid, patients can stay awake during the entire breast augmentation procedure, using only a local anesthetic. Patients can also have a mild sedative if they choose. Because there is no general anesthesia used, the patient experiences much less downtime. Patients can return home the same day.

The tumescent technique, which is commonly used in liposuction procedures, also reduces the likelihood of bleeding during the surgery and results in less bruising afterward. Another advantage of the awake breast augmentation procedure is that the patient can view, and approve, the results before the surgery is finalized. If necessary, the size of the implants can be adjusted during the surgery to ensure that the patient gets the exact result she desires.

Because an anesthesiologist and surgery center are not needed for the awake breast augmentation procedure, it generally costs much less than procedures that require general anesthesia. The awake breast augmentation procedure takes about two hours, and patients go home a few hours later. Patients may feel groggy for the first two days, so it is recommended that they take a few days off work and avoid stressful situations. Most activities can be resumed within one to three weeks. Pain is usually mild for the first two days.

If you feel that your breasts are too small or are uneven, of if you’ve experienced sagging or deflated breast following childbirth, you might be an ideal candidate for the awake breast augmentation procedure. Today’s breast augmentation methods can give you natural, full results. Now you can have the shapely breasts you have always wanted, without the expense and risk of general anesthesia. Besides increasing a woman’s breast size, breast augmentation surgery can also improve the slope, shape, proportion, and balance, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing look.

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