Liposuction has traditionally been a highly invasive procedure that can sometimes bring good results. People had to go through a long process with a difficult recovery aspect, but they sometimes didn’t get the positive results to match that difficult process. These days, things are changing a good bit. There are new ways to go through the liposuction process that can make it much more effective and much less invasive at the same time. These advances in technology are important for a host of different reasons. So what is this process that doctors are using? It is called SmartLipo and it’s the new wave of laser liposuction technology.

The differences between SmartLipo and typical liposuction surgery are pronounced. The old process for going through liposuction has included going under. People were put to sleep and the surgery itself took a long time. SmartLipo takes that long process away. For people who are not into this type of surgery, the new process requires only local anesthetic. That means that you can have the surgery done while you’re still awake, so it carries much less risk, much less cost, and it’s still not painful. This is an important thing, as SmartLipo has changed the way cosmetic surgery is done right now.

The best thing about SmartLipo is that it features a much shorter recovery time than the old liposuction procedures. Gone are the weeks and months of having to lay in bed. People who get SmartLipo are able to move around that same week and they’re able to go about their normal business within a matter of days. This takes away the huge downside of the process. It makes SmartLipo an option for people who have jobs, families, or simply responsibilities that go along with living. For the longest time, surgeries like this have been unpractical because of their logistical components. That’s not the case with SmartLipo and it’s what makes this new process much more marketable.

Ultimately, SmartLipo is a lot like other liposuction in terms of effectiveness. It gives people the results that they’re looking for, but it does that much more immediately than you might be used to. The results can be seen right away and the risks of standard surgery are thrown completely out the window. That is why more and more people are going to see their doctor to ask about less invasive procedures that can make them look a lot better.

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