Testamonial regarding SmartLipo and Liposuction Body Contouring

“Dr. True is absolutely a genius at hand-crafting physiques! He took an extraordinarily amount of meticulous precision to sculpt my new figure. After taking hormones for merely one month almost 3 years ago, I gained 10 lbs. had been unable to lose the weight NO MATTER WHAT.

I decided to pursue cosmetic surgery to get my figure back and was thrilled to find a physician who employs safer techniques and is a masterclass professional at his craft. Dr. True thoroughly detailed my flanks and inner thighs, paying amazingly comprehensive attention to tiny details such as the front of the oblique, near the bra-line, even all the way to the back of the hamstring to ensure I did not have that overlapping inner thighs issue!

I was floored at the amount of seemingly tiny areas he targeted to make sure I had a complete overhaul result…and at 2 weeks post-op, am absolutely ecstatic about my results! I am going back in July to have a mini-tummy tuck with SmartLipo on my tummy.

By the way, he uses suction with SmartLipo, which is a HUGE difference between some physicians who do not (and therefore cannot remove as much fat or get good results).

I truly feel God led me to this wonderful, amazing man to help me reclaim a peace of mind about my body. I have a waist! And I look forward to getting rid of the pooch & co.! :)”
– Amy