Have you or your spouse noticed your hairline receding or the top of your hair getting thinner? Have you been afraid of restoring your hair because of the associated downtime or pain from the procedure? Wait no more for you can have your hair restored safely and with less downtime with a new hair restoration procedure offered at our office for both men and women.

Hair implant procedures can fill and replenish hair lost in balding areas. These procedures are performed in our office and only local anesthetics are necessary. There are several ways to do hair restoration, but the latest and most advanced procedure is through Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. We have one of the first Neograft units in the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolis area in our office that can perform this procedure. In addition, we use only experienced technicians, most with over ten years of hair transplant experience, to help perform the procedure.

With FUE, we can restore your age appropriate natural hair fullness. First we numb the scalp so there’s no pain to the procedure. Then we harvest thousands of individual healthy follicles from the back of your head using this special follicular unit extraction technology. The hairs are then placed individually back into your balding or thinning troubled areas in a specific fashion to restore the fullness to your hair.

Because each follicle is extracted and implanted individually, the trauma to your scalp is minimal. Prior to the development of this technology, a strip of hair in the back of your scalp was used to harvest follicles for implantation. The strip was cut into thousands of follicles and implanted. With FUE, instead of cutting a strip that takes longer to heal, leaves a long scare and has more downtime, only tiny holes are left in the scalp from each extraction, which heal rapidly and leave no long scar.

The advantages of FUE are many. You don’t have to suffer from a large scar on the back of your head to harvest the implants. No longer do you have to endure the post-op pain of this prior strip technique nor the downtime associated with it. Moreover, you are not left with a potentially noticeable scar around the back of your head. You get a more full and healthy appearance to your hair, a boost in your self esteem, plus, you’re back to work in no time.

There are many options available to you today and the best option depends on your specific needs. Finding the right hair loss solution for you is an individual decision based on your desires. Since each person has different needs and desires, individual treatment plans are preferred. You may want more fullness of your hair, a better hairline, or just more hair in bare spots. Our new follicular unit transplant technology offers a very user friendly surgical hair transplant option for you that can achieve these goals.

At True Aesthetic Center, we provide the solutions to your individual needs and desires. Whether these are restoring your youthful looking hair, sculpting your body’s silhouette, renewing your health, losing extra pounds or optimizing your hormone levels, we can help. Our goal is to help you restore your youthful looks and your health. Call us for a consultation today at 817-399-8783.