National Society of Cosmetic Physicians (NSCP) Meeting Lecture

During the annual meeting of the National Society of Cosmetic Physicians, I was honored by being asked to lecture to other cosmetic surgeons about several aspects of cosmetic surgery. As faculty for the organization, I take pride in presenting informative and helpful topics that may help other fellow physicians in their practice.

The first lecture was on Maintaining Success in this Economy. All physicians have had a marked decrease in their incomes due to these economic times, as have many other businesses and people. During these times, we are given the opportunity to reflect on what we have accomplished and on what we want to achieve. As with other aspects of our lives, I believe that diversification is an answer to what so many physicians need at this time.

Developing the needed skills to perform cosmetic and aesthetic procedures is part of this diversification. As an instructor for tumescent liposuction and SmartLipo laser lipolysis, I have a means to help other physicians achieve the ability to perform these procedures. Other cosmetic procedures that should be included in a cosmetic surgeons repertoire include breast augmentation with implants, natural breast augmentation, tummy tucks and Brazilian Butt lift.

However, cosmetic surgeons and other physicians should investigate other options to add to their practice. Diversification in ones medical field includes adding medical therapies and health improving options for patients to become more healthy and fit. These options include wellness, weight loss and hormone therapy. I discussed my diet program, HCG True Diet, and how losing weight can help people live longer and live with a better quality of life.

I discussed how I have incorporated the HCG True Diet program in my practice and have been able to help hundreds of people lose weight rapidly while feeling great at the same time. Instilling long term lifetime changes to one’s daily routine is important long term, but using HCG to change one’s metabolism and lose the weight short term is also important to boost one’s motivation to persist. This diet program is a winner, for patients lose, on average, 20 pounds in 40 days, thus increasing their quality of life.

Improving a person’s quality of life with the use of hormone pellets is also important. Women can enjoy the benefits of hormone therapy while avoiding some of the unwanted side effects associated with oral HRT. Pellets are inserted every three months and help a woman in many ways. Women simply feel better when hey use the pellets. They have more energy and their libido increases. Plus, the pellets are made of  Bioidentical hormones. By putting the pellets under the skin, the woman gets a continuous amount of hormones into her body for around 3 months. I recommend them for all women.

Other topics that I lectured on were breast augmentation and malpractice issues. I do breast augmentation while patients are awake with mild sedation. There are many options for women regarding breast aug, and I discussed these to the conference attendees. Overall, the conference was very well attended and I enjoyed it and the opportunity to share my skills with others.