Tonight, Channel 8 news (ABC) aired a news report on Botox. Dr. Robert True was interviewed for this news report and discussed the need to be adequately trained to give Botox correctly. There are some places that advertise “Bargain Botox” and claim that they can administer Botox at markedly discounted prices. Sometimes these places dilute the Botox so it is minimally effective, and sometimes they inject inaccurately into the facial structures. This can result in some bad outcomes as discussed on the news.

Here is the script as reported by Channel 8 news:

Dangers of bargain Botox injections


10:01 PM CDT on Monday, April 27, 2009

While one may think being strapped for cash would likely mean Botox patients would lay off the needle, Botox use has apparently gotten a lift from the bad economy.

But as more look for deals on botulinum toxin, cases like Vicci Howard’s are on the rise. Howard experienced an adverse reaction after she underwent a cheap Botox treatment.

“And I actually couldn’t shut my eyes, and it was actually kind of weird and it was uncomfortable,” she said.

Compared to plastic surgery, Botox is a far cheaper way to reduce wrinkles. However, experts say bargain Botox is a bad way to try and save money. Bad treatments can mean exaggerated or droopy arches or worse.

“You can actually get a drop of the lip and then impaired speech, drooling, those types of things,” said Lori Stetler, a Dallas dermatologist.

Stetler said the biggest problem she has seen have been healthcare clinics looking to save a buck.

“They’re watering it down, trying to make more money on a vial of Botox,” she said. “So, what they’re trying to do is make their bottle of Botox go a lot longer and be able to treat more than one patient with one vial.”

Patients never know, until they get bad or no results.

News 8 recently spotted an ad on eBay for cheap Botox. Bidders were told they could save hundreds on each treatment. After News 8 alerted them to the potentially illegal sale, eBay took the ad down.

At his Colleyville office, Dr. Robert True said he has seen patients who have gone to Botox parties or spas for deep discounts and found themselves paying double to repair mistakes made from the injections.

True said he urges patients to question their expert’s knowledge of facial muscles before going under the needle.

“Go to a person that’s well trained, a person that you respect and a person that you know has experience in doing the Botox,” he said.

Dr. True, a cosmetogynecologist, acknowledged it can sometimes be hard for patients to know who to choose.

“You could say that,” said Dr. True when asked if one could make an argument that Botox injections aren’t his area of expertise since he is a gynecologist. “However, gynecologists are all medical physicians and one of the things you do in medicine is you’re always learning. You’re learning new techniques.”

It is with much sorrow we must share with you our wonderful physician, Dr. Robert True, passed away. Because his death was not anticipated, we are in the process of finding a physician to care for our patients and have a temporary physician and nurse practitioner in place. If you are in urgent need of your medical records, please contact us at 817-399-8783 so we may send you the legal medical records request form. We appreciate your patience as we work through this situation to try and maintain our practice.