What is a breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation mammoplasty (BAM) is a procedure that enhances the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Usually, they refer to enhancements from breast implants.

What type of breast augmentations are there?

The most common type of breast augmentation is through the insertion of implants into the breasts. There are many different types of implants, but the most common types are either silicone or saline. The type of implant that is best for a particular woman depends on her desires and wishes. I can also help you decide on the best type for you depending on your individual physical stature and other factors.

Not only the type of implant can vary, but also the placement of the implant is different. Implants can be placed above the chest muscle or below it, or other variations too. The best placement for each woman depends on many factors including her physical characteristics. After assesing these, I can help you decide on the best placement to acheive the best result.

Another different type of breast enhancement is called the Natural Breast Augmentation. Here, the woman’s fat is harvested from her body and reinjected into her breasts to give them more of her natural fat volume. I offer this type of augmentation procedure in my office. I can do a special type of liposuction, called the Body Jet, that utilizes a spray of water to break up the fat and to rinse the fat out to contour your body. I can then use the fat removed and reinject it into your breasts to augment your breasts. The downside of this is that multiple procedures usually must be performed to maintain the extra fat in the breasts since the fat tends to go away over time.

Why would I want to have breast augmentation?

Women have their breasts enhanced for multiple reasons. The most common reason is to make them have larger breasts so they look better, in their own minds and in others. A woman with full beautiful breasts has always been considered more beautiful as exemplified by the numerous paintings and statues of such women over the centuries. This is especially true today.

Women want to look more glamorous and more beautiful today more than ever. Even more important, breast augmentation tends to boost a woman’s self esteem and self confidence. It is a know fact that women with larger beautiful breasts tend to be more successful than those who don’t have such breasts. These are just a few of the reasons why women would want to have breast augmentation. There are many more.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation?

Anyone in good physical health and who desires enhancement of their breasts is a candidate for the procedure. It is for those who are bothered by the feeling that their beasts are too small, or they have one breast that is smaller than the other.

They should have fully developed breasts, so most physicians will not do breast augmentation until after age 18. Moreover, the best candidates for breast augmentation are those women who have realistic expectations regarding the best breasts for them. They should understand the limitations of the procedure, and the potential risks and benefits from breast augmentation.

How is the procedure performed?

Breast augmentation is a day procedure, so you go home the same day you had the procedure done. I perform the surgery in my office using only a local anesthetics and sedation. General anesthesia is thus totally avoided and the woman does not have to go to sleep to do it. The implants are placed beneath the breasts and this enhances the volume of the breasts. The placement of the implants can vary from above the chest muscle to below the muscle, and there are reasons to doing one procedure or the other.

There are several incisions locations that can be used to insert implants. The most common ones are in the axilla, within the areola, below the breast fold, and in the umbilicus. After discussion of these with me, together we can decide on the best route for your augmentation surgery.

Where is the procedure done?

The procedure is performed in my accredited surgical suite in my office. My office is accredited through AAAHC and conforms to the rigid requirements and regulations set forth by this regulating association. This means that we consider the safety of the patient first, and do all that is necessary within our power to ensure your safety. Moreover, by performing the procedure in our office with local anesthetics, you do not have extra fees to pay for a free-standing SurgiCenter, hospital, nor anesthesiologist fees.

There are many potential risks with breast augmentation surgery. Some of these risks include the following:

  • Infection, which may require implant removal.
  • Bleeding, which may result in a hematoma or a blood clot in the breasts.
  • Poor healing of the incisions with subsequent necrosis or extrusion of the implants.
  • Change in nipple sensations which can be either numbness or hypersensitivity. These changes may be temporary but they may rarely be permanent.
  • Capsular contracture which is the formation of excessive scar tissue around the implants. All breasts form some type of scar around the implants, but when excessive, this makes the breasts feel hard and can cause deformities of the breasts which are not desirable.
  • Implant leakage or rupture can occur. Fortunately, most manufacturers do provide warrantee for the implants for 10 years, and these can be extended too.
  • Wrinkling of the skin over the implant and feeling the edges of the implant.
  • Asymmetric appearance of the breasts. It is very difficult to make the breasts exactly identical and symmetrical. Breasts should be considered sisters, not identical twins.
  • General Anesthesia risks, which may include fluid overload, blood clots, DVTs, cardiac and pulmonary complications. These risks are reduced when the procedure is performed using local anesthesia and mild sedation.
  • Possible revision surgery may be necessary for multiple reasons, including hematoma evacuation, seroma aspiration, infection, capsular contraction or unacceptable appearance.
  • Possible replacement surgery of the implant may be necessary if an infection develops or if capsular contraction occurs excessively around the implants.

Every woman must decide if the benefits of doing the procedure outweigh these potential risks or complications that may occur from the surgery. If you choose to proceed, you are amongst the millions of women who have breast augmentation performed. You will have concluded that the benefits of improved appearance of the breasts more than outweigh the potential risks or potential complications that may occur from the procedure.

Can implants cause health problems or cancer?

Implants do not cause autoimmune diseases as was once thought with silicone implants. This has been proven through multiple studies from around the world. Implants are generally considered very safe now, even the silicone variety. Implants do not cause cancer of the breasts. Multiple studies have documented that the incidence of breast cancer is the same whether an implant is present or not.

What is the downtime from the procedure?

The downtime from the procedure depends on multiple factors. These include whether the implants were placed above the muscle or below the muscle, the patient’s pain tolerance, whether the patient had general or local anesthetic, and many others. Generally, most patients may return to work within a few days to a week or two. Full exercise activities however may not be done for four to six weeks after the procedure.

If you are interested in having breast augmentation and would like further information, please set up an appointment for a consultation today at 817-399-8783. I am my staff would feel privileged and excited to help you feel good about yourself and improve the way you look! Enhancing your natural beauty is our passion.