Have you ever considered doing liposuction to reduce unwanted areas of fat on your body but were concerned about the pain and bruising postop? A new and innovative technology has been developed to help you rid yourself of those fatty areas in a gentler manner. You get great results with less bruising, less pain, and less downtime.

Called Body Jet Liposuction, it utilizes the power of water pressure to break the fat cells apart and then remove them through suctioning to contour your body. The high pressure fluid contains lidocaine, a powerful local anesthetic to make the areas numb, and epinephrine, to constrict the vessels and reduce bleeding and bruising significantly. The fluid is instilled into the areas via small tubes, called cannulas, specifically designed to simultaneously gently suction out the fat while it is broken apart with the high pressure spray.

This water-jet process makes the removal of the fat easier with less destruction of the surrounding tissues. The internal structural tissues are not torn apart as with traditional liposuction, resulting in less trauma to vessels, nerves, and other non-fat tissues. Imagine having your excess fat removed with minimal trauma to your tissues; the result is less pain and less bleeding/bruising postoperatively.

The procedure is normally performed while you’re awake. The lidocaine numbs the areas to be treated so you don’t feel anything. Thus, you don’t have to recover from a general anesthetic, plus you eliminate the potential complications that can sometimes accompany general anesthesia. Using local anesthetics and mild sedation makes this procedure extremely safe. In addition, you can reposition yourself during the procedure to make sure the different areas are treated and your body is sculptured precisely as desired.

Scarring is very minimal. The cannulas are placed through the skin through very small openings less than a fourth of an inch. These usually heal well and are not very noticeable. In addition, they are usually placed in areas covered by clothing is possible. Because the fluid instilled is suctioned out at the same time, there is less swelling in the areas treated. Thus, distortion is kept to a minimum, decreasing the risk of contour irregularities that can sometimes accompany liposuction procedures.

Imagine having liposuction surgery one day, and returning to near normal activities almost immediately. Sometimes people return to work the next day because of the reduced trauma to the tissues that this technology delivers. It is truly a dream come true.

I have added this new technology to the options I give to patients who request liposuction procedures. Along with SmartLipo laser lipolysis to help tighten the skin, this new technology provides an improved method to contour the body. Enhancing your natural beauty is my passion, and this new technology helps achieve this goal with less downtime yet with great results for the patient.