Because we have had so many great successes with our cosmetic and health programs, we have launched a new program in our office called the “Best Success” for the week. Essentially, as we see patients during the week, we pick one who we feel has one of the best outcomes of the patients seen that week. We always have great outcomes with all our procedures and programs, but we wanted to highlight one individual person among our many successes.

If you are picked as our “Best Success” for the week, we offer you some great prizes and perks. We also ask you to write a comment testimonial about your experience with us and your procedure. Once done, we will post these on the website. Don’t worry, we don’t devulge the patient’s identity on the internet unless we get your permission. We just want to highlight you and how happy we are to have helped you fulfill your desires.

We might pick someone who has lost a lot of weight while doing our diet program and who has had a fabulous lifestyle change experience that had made it all worthwhile. It might be someone who had a cosmetic procedure, such as liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, facial rejuvenation or hair restoration, or one of the many other procedures we offer. The patient is very happy about the results from the procedure and is proud to discuss it with others.

Consequently, as we go forward, once we pick a “Best Success” candidate for the week, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to tell us and others about your experience with us. You’ll get a free prize and some great praise. It’s a small token to tell you that we are excited to have you as a patient and we are glad to serve you in any way we can. Read our blog here regularly, or our sister blogspot ( To see the latest “Best Success” with our practice.