Out of all the many successes we saw this week, we chose a beautiful lady who had Awake Tummy Tuck done around 6 months ago. She came in for a routine postop visit and all was very well. She loves the results and so did we, so much that we thought we would highlight her for this weeks “Best Success” program. She will receive prizes of a facial and a Silkpeel treatment. Here is her comment on the procedure and her experience while doing the procedure with us:

My Testimonial about my “True” experience June, 2010 Last fall I had decided that I would like to have a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction done. I got online and researched several doctors in the area.I knew the results I wanted, and I needed to feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with the Dr., the staff, and the facility that my procedures were to be performed.

I found Dr. True’s website and read several reviews of other peoples experiences and decided to make an appointment for my consultation. It was important to me to feel completely comfortable with the Doctor as well as the. I left my appointment feeling very comfortable with Dr.True and very excited about my future procedures.

The Tummy Tuck and Liposuction that I decided to do, were explained to me in detail and was made clear, in plain language, what to expect before and after the two procedures. Dr. True and the surgical staff kept me comfortable and informed throughout the procedure.

I was monitored constantly, and had Dr. True and his staff’s complete attention. I cannot say enough about this entire experience and the results are even more incredible than I had hoped for. It was wonderful being able to have this done right in his office and under local anesthesia.

Dr. True is a caring and gentle doctor and a “True” artist. His entire staff is competent, caring, friendly and they make you feel as if you are the only patient and they care about you as a person. They all make you feel so good about yourself and your decision.

Thank you Dr. True and to all of your wonderful staff. Oh, and I had a perfect in home nurse, my hubby. I could not ask for more perfect Doctor, perfect office and surgical staff, great in-home nurse, and the best part, a perfectly flat tummy!

This patient had our Bikini Tummy Tuck procedure done, otherwise called Awake Tummy Tuck, with the incision below the bikini line. We do the procedure quite differently than most others. First, the patient is awake while doing the procedure, yet she feels minimal to no discomfort because we anesthetize the area with tummescent fluid, plus we give just mild sedation.

She is talking with us the whole time during the procedure. The incision is low, below the bikini line if at all possible, and we sculpture the area with liposculpture. Traditional tummy tucks don’t include the liposculpture, especially in the waist area, as we do. Thus, we pride ourselves in providing the better Tummy Tuck.

Thank you for being a great patient. My staff and I are very happy for you and we are so glad we were able to fulfill your wishes for your cosmetic results.