For over twenty five years, I delivered thousands of babies and had wonderful experiences. Although I don’t deliver babies anymore, I still have wonderful memories of the many women whom I have touched. Recently I received the following letter from one of my former patients. It touched me so much that I felt the need to share this with others.

All moms have memories of childbirth. Some good and some not so good I’m sure. Both of my children were delivered by Dr. True.

I thank God every day that Dr. True saw me one Monday and said, “Let’s have a baby tomorrow.” The next day, C. was born. As she was born, Dr. True was taking his time. He told me I had a beautiful baby girl and he was counting her fingers and toes. All was well and we went home. About a week later, my husband made a comment to me. He said, “Do you realize what was going on?” Of course not, what do you mean? He was cleaning her up for me and counting her toes. Chip said that wasn’t the case at all. While Dr. True was visiting with me, Chip said he was slowly, carefully and calmly unwrapping the cord that was around Callie’s neck – at least three times. Chis was scared to death but just kept watching Dr. True, afraid to look at me. He said it was absolutely incredible how Dr. True just kept calmly working away; never letting on that there was anything wrong. The whole time Dr. True was taking care of mom and baby.

C. is now 16 and driving. Ca. is 13 and in 7th grade.

I’d like to thank Dr. True for giving them both a great start in life. You have (and always have had) my greatest appreciation and are welcomed to colleyville as a true professional. I will be sure and give you the highest recommendation to my friends and neighbors. JF

Thank YOU, JF, for your beautiful thoughts and your friendship! I look forward to my career here in Colleyville and the wonderful patients, like you, that I know I will touch.