Welcome to my blog. I have lots of information for you about better health and about looking great. My goal, and the goal of my facility (True Aesthetics Center), is to give women what they want. This includes not only improving people’s health and wellness, but also enhancing their natural beauty through multiple modern and advanced technologies. Through this blog, you can learn about these new advances and how I can help you acheive these goals. You can read my articles and learn about my opinions and recommendations on improving your health and the way you look. You can learn more about how to look great and feel great!

Dr. True

Dr. True

As a cosmetic surgeon, I offer body contouring services that women want. These liposculpture services remove problem bulges of fat that are difficult to reduce with just diet and exercise. The services I offer include SmartLipo, Tumescent Liposuction, BodyJet Liposculpture, Awake Breast Aug and Bikini Tummy Tuck. By embracing these new technologies and adding experience with creative sculpting techniques, those fatty bulges can be reduced an the areas sculptured, resulting in a more beautiful and shapely body. Performed comfortably while the patient is awake using only local anesthesia, these services offer minimal downtime. The skin is tightened, smoothed and shaped for great results!

Many women want to enhance the size and appearance of their breasts. I am one of a few physicians who offer Smart Breast Aug. It is the smart and safer way to enhance a woman’s breasts partly because it avoids a general anesthetic; it is performed comfortably with local tumescent anesthesia while the patient is awake. Also called Awake Breast Aug, it promises beautiful results to help boost a woman’s self esteem by improving her figure.

Skin/Facial rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal are services that many women dearly desire. We have programs and advanced techniques to fit these desires, including IPL Photofacials, Skin Peels, Medical Grade Laser hair removal technology. All these services combine to help enhance, preserve and rejuvenate a woman’s face and body through minimal downtime procedures that work!

If you want to maintain your health or improve your health, we offer many services and concepts that you won’t want to miss. I offer many preventive health and Anti-Aging programs to help your body stay healthy through healthy lifestyles and health promoting supplements. I created The True Diet and The True Wellness to promote these philosophies and help people fight off the many degenerative and degradating attacks on our body from everyday life.

Gynecology is a wonderful field that has allowed me to combine all the skills that God has given to me.In addition to a full range of gynecologic services including gynecologic surgeries, there are many recommendation I provide for preventive care.  I like to offer the most up to date and most conservative therapies possible. These may include office-based gynecologic surgeries to decrease downtime and expense. Moreover, I am one of a few gynecologists who offers Vaginal rejuvenation services. Performed in the privacy of my office, this procedure was designed to help enhance the sexual gratification of women.

Learn more about all these concepts in my blog. Also, check out the many media clips on these services and learn about my philosophies through these video clips. Click on the Media tab and view the ones that interest you. In addition, I offer my services for seminars and lectures. You can learn about these events on our events calendar. Click on the Events tab to go to this calendar.

I also am a preceptor and teacher for physicians who want to learn about the techniques of SmartLipo and Tumescent Liposuction. I teach these techniques to other physicians through courses offered by AAOCG. I also do lectures at clinical associations, and you can see these listed on my events calendar too.

For the public, I offer educational seminars at my office that anyone can attend. Bring a friend and receive a gift. You’ll learn about many new health improving concepts that I’m sure you won’t want to be without. Check on our events calendar regularly, for we are always adding more events to it every day.

For further information, check out our website at www.truemd.com, or call us at 817-399-TRUE (8783).

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