Those pesky fine lines and wrinkles below your eyes can make you look older yet you’re really NOT. If you have noticed these unwanted changes in your eyes, you may be a candidate for a new procedure called ThermiSmooth.

ThermiSmooth uses a new radiofrequency technology that helps smooth those fine lines and skin changes. The procedure takes about 20 minutes to do. No anesthetic is needed and there is no downtime afterward. You can go back to doing your normal activities immediately.

Advanced Radiofrequency technology by Thermi has been shown to tighten the skin by forcing the collagen molecules to compress. Normally, think of your skin collagen molecules as small slinkies. As you age, they tend to relax and the slinky expands and sags. Fine wrinkles and crepe skin thus develops under and around the eyes. Radiofrequency energy forces the slinky to contract, tightening the skin and making if firmer and smoother.

Over time, this radiofrequency energy also stimulates more collagen formation which helps build up more youthful tissue just below the skin. The result is smoother, firmer skin and an improved look around the eyes.

Summary for ThermiSmooth

ThermiSmooth 1

Indication: for fine lines and wrinkles that form under your eyes with age.

Treatments: painless procedure performed around the eyes in the office in around 20 minutes

Schedule: do a treatment every week for three treatments, then every 3-6 months as needed

Downtime: none. Back to normal activities immediately


If you’re interested in decreasing those wrinkles under your eyes, schedule an appointment for a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for ThermiSmooth.