A remarkable product called Nutraluxe MD can make your eyelashes long, longer and longer and won’t break your pocketbook. This eyelash conditioner contains scientifically designed ingredients to help nourish and moisturize your lashes, while protecting them from breakage. Use it daily and you’ll love the results.

We are amazed at how many people come to our office with eyelash extensions. They say they are spending a bunch of money on these and they are a hassle for maintenance because they have to continuously go back for more extensions almost weekly. Plus, they fall of and sometimes pull their own eyelashes off.

We recommend they use NutraluxeMD and almost everyone raves about its effectiveness. Their eyelashes get longer and thicker. Many say “goodbye” to their extensions as their eyelashes grow out. It’s not unusual to hear patients say they now have to “trim” their eyelashes because they grow excessively long.

Not only does the product work well, but it also is very affordable. A bottle costs less than $60 and can last a long time. Compared with some products that cost $200 per bottle, it’s a steal and a great deal!

Patients who have used this product are amazed at the results. Here are some of their comments:

“Everyone always asks me if my lashes are real. The answer is YES! My secret is NutraLuxeMD… I love this stuff! Makes my lashes so long, full, and fluffy!”Eyelashes Testim 2


“I love it. It makes me have a pretty eyelash”

“I used to use eyelash extensions. Now, I got rid of the extensions and just use NutraLuxeMD, and I get just as long eyelashes. I love it.”


At TrueMD, we are proud to sell NutraLuxeMD and we have found that our patients love it and keep coming back for more. Sometimes we can’t even keep it in stock due to its popularity. Get some today.